2. Freedom

Working for yourself is the most liberating thing. Having complete control over your working destiny is amazing. I know that if I have a bad day in the office the only reason its been bad is if I have not achieved anything. I have no boss to come in a bad mood and upset the day. I am the only person who can make myself redundant. I am also the only person that can make my business a success and therefore increase the prosperity of my family. I am so determined to pay every thing off having watched the world recently suffering in such a sea of its own misery having amassed phenominal debt. I had a time in my life where having a great time led to a tough financial time, luckily for me it happened before sub prime. I swore to myself from that day forward that I would never live that life again. My life now is all about working hard and attempting to have as little a negative impact on the world as is possible.

3. Technology

What an age we live in. I recently bought a HTC Mozart that uses Facebook as its contacts. How great is that you can lose your phone, then within seconds connect yourself back online and your phone synchronises with Facebook and up pops your contacts with the latest photos from their profiles. Also not only can you synchronise your contacts but also you can locate your phone using MSN Messenger. As a customer tool its phenominal, I can now go away as I will be shortly to New York and still be able to keep an eye on the business while im away. My wife Suzanne also uses her phone a lot and is now as many others are completely addicted to Angry Birds!.

 4. The Gym  

 My wife Suzanne works for Virgin Active Gyms and as a result partners get a free membership. We have been together for three years and only in the past two months as a result of being able to spare the time have i been able to use it. I mostly go around 11.30 till around 1.30 which gives me a good couple of hours. I have found that my overall well being has improved and my mind is much sharper. Which again helps me in the design business. I have found that if I create new websites too often then my mind starts to freeze up and my sites all start to look alike. Which is not good enough, going to the gym and breaking it up has made my design mind a lot clearer and I am working better as a result.

5. My Desk

My desk would normally be associated with that of an Architect. I brought it for that reason if I am honest, in order for me to be the play a part in my life I have always had to look the part. I have found that if I don't look the part then I never really comfortable. I built the desk from Ikea and it has enabled me to set my entire desk up on one platform which makes it easy for me to have everything in one location. When designing its key that I can have the view of two screens one that shows the editing end of the website and the other which shows the live copy of the website, sometimes it just carries my email depending on whether I am on Newsnow checking what's happening with my other passion Nottingham Forest.

6. Cutting Edge

To be using old tech in the current rapid advancement of the technology industry is not an option for a company like ours. We spend a significant amount of time on research and if I am honest I probably spend around 40% of my time on research and the other 60% doing everything else. This ensures that we are integrating the latest systems into your website. This also ensures we future proof your website for new tech. We look after all the upgrades that your site will require to ensure that you don't have to worry about that side of things. We are constantly researching new solutions and as a result can sometimes change the tech we use mid project to ensure that we are keeping up. If the upgrade means any impact on your as a customer we will minimise that of course. Your site will be optimised to encompass all the latest Google stipulated search terms. We have a great record with SEO and many happy customers in the Nottingham area.

7. Ecological responsibility

Now I could talk to you about this all day long as its something I am passionate about. I am always driving my wife nuts by trying to be as less an impact on our environment as possible, discussing the latest tech. We are now home insulated to some 300mm and are constantly attempting to reduce our use of packaging. All our electronics either go to charity shops or they go to the Freecycle project. Anything else that we cannot re-use through those mediums will go to the required recycling plants or offered to friends or family. I feel that our responsibility as custodians of our beautiful planet means that we have to always think of ourselves second, however I do not believe in people living in poverty in one country so they maintain our quality of air by keeping forests alive and using them for farming. I do not agree with forests being cleared for agriculture so I contribute monthly to both the SKY Rainforest rescue project as well as to Greenpeace. These two projects are ones that aim to keep presurising governments to change there policies and help educate country's on the best way to keep their family's our of poverty while still looking after our environment. If you want to keep an eye on the latest Green Tech have a look at Ecogeek, these guys cumilate the latest environment related news storys on there site in a handy format.

8. Trying things

We will try anything and using our many resources can source anything on your behalf. If you spot something somewhere in the digital world we will help you make that a possibility on your site as well as making new things work specifically for you and be world beaters.

9. Competition

The biggest test comes from the local competition my lovely city of Nottingham is full of small businesses and specifically digital design agencys. You only have to do a search on Google to come across the list of local website builders. The difference between us and them is a few things. We stand out because we have personality and Website development skills. Your website will not only be original but also have an element that helps it stand out from the crowd as well a quirky element if you like. We will also be with you every step of the way. Any queries you have we will answer and support is 100% free of charge. We will also clear out the jargon as that is for the programmers to worry about and not for yourselves. We believe we can help translate your ideas into a digital massage custom made for you.

10. Design

Original - Bespoke - Optimised - Branded - Quirky - Professional - Technology Savvi